National whole grain spelt flour

Our flour is sourced from selective whole grain ground beneath stone, sifted with a different granulation spectrum and as such ideal for everyday household use.

Spelta (cereals, rice) is a grain similar to wheat, although its outer grain is much harder. Research has shown that many people who are allergic to wheat are not allergic to spelled, which is a significant reason for returning this cereal to human daily diet. It contains gluten in smaller quantities. Spelled flour has a nutty and sweet taste and is rich in dietary fiber and protein. It is less caloric compared to wheat. Due to faster dissolution in water, less water is added when mixed, and the presence of gluten causes shorter dough to be mixed. Spelled flour is used for the production of pasta, bread and various types of bakery products.

Nutrition facts

100 g contains the following nutrients:

Protein 14,6 g
Carbohydrates 70,2 g
Fat 2,4 g
Diet fibers 10 g
Minerals Cu, Fe, Mg, Ma, Na
Vitamins niacin, tiamin, B2, B17
Calories 401 kcal / 1677 kJ

Netto: 1000 g